Top 10: Favorite Walking Dead Characters

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If you don’t know what The Walking Dead is, you must literally be living under a rock, or already be a part of the inevitable zombie apocalypse. This is a show that takes the world by storm and always has everyone talking. It is the highest rated show on television to date. If there’s one thing it’s not afraid to do, it’s kill off our favorite characters, and with the introduction of Negan during the season 6 finale, literally no one is safe anymore. With that being said, I thought it was time to compile a list of the characters I love, in case we lose them any time soon, or as a memorial if they’re already gone. So without further ado, my favorite characters from the show are as follows!

Oh, and if you haven’t watched the show and you want to avoid spoilers, I recommend not reading further.

10. Hershel Greene

Image result for Hershel Greene promo picHershel was one character we lost brutally, and very early on. We got three seasons with the caring veterinarian and father to Maggie and Beth. He is introduced as a caring father, oblivious to the outside world and what is really going on. He gives shelter to Rick and his group after Carl is accidentally shot and needs help. Hershel, being a veterinarian, helps the group and gets Carl well. He stands by his morals and beliefs throughout the show, and helps Rick become the leader that he is destined to be. He loses his leg in season three. He helps take care of the sick when the virus outbreak happens at the prison. He’s an excellent dad. He welcomes Glenn into the family after his relationship with Maggie progresses. He was a breath of fresh air during a tragic time. When he is brutally killed by The Governor in season four, I think I actually screamed out loud. It was a devastating loss, and one that I think I’m still recovering from. RIP Hershel.

9. Paul Rovia, aka Jesus
Image result for paul rovia walking dead promo picLet’s talk about Jesus shall we? Not the Jesus we accept as our lord and savior, but the Jesus who rocks the long hair and beard so eloquently on our TV screen. Jesus was introduced fairly recently, but nonetheless he has proven to be a vital asset to the group. He has a close bond with Maggie, and has helped her through her pregnancy and losing her husband. He was close with the leader of the Hilltop, but is pushing for Maggie to become a leader as well. He’s grounded in a world of chaos, and I think in this scenario, I’d want to be his friend.

8. Rick Grimes
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Rick is in no way the strongest character on the show as far as appearances go. However, he’s definitely one of the most important. He’s been a leader to the group of survivors that follow him, and has stayed strong throughout tremendous loss. He has lost his best friend, his wife, countless friends, and so much more. But, he’s stayed strong and persisted through most of it. He’s been the leader when everyone needed him most. He showed humility and fear when Negan came after the group and for a moment, he almost let everything go. But the Rick we all know and love is back now, and he’s back with a vengeance.

7. Michonne
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Michonne is hardcore. When she was introduced to the series, she literally walked around with walkers as “pets”. She has a Katana as a weapon and she literally could defend herself in the midst of hundreds of walkers. It’s always nice to see a woman portrayed as strong on television, and she is just that. Strong. She doesn’t need anyone to protect her and I’m completely convinced she could fend for herself all on her own. I loved the friendship she had with Andrea before she was killed, and I love her budding relationship with Rick.

6. Negan
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Okay, so Negan is bad. Like REAL bad. Not only did he kill off my favorite character, he’s just an all around bad guy. But that’s half of what makes him great. He’s built himself an empire during the end of the world. He has a loyal band of followers that would do anything for him, probably just because they’re terrified of the alternative. He’s crude, unapologetic, and an all around bad-ass. Secondary points go to Lucille because I feel like she’s a character of her own. He commands attention on screen, and I can’t help but love him as much as I hate him.

5. Daryl Dixon
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What can you say that’s bad about Daryl? There’s not much. He’s an original character strictly on the television series which sometimes doesn’t bode well with fans. However, this is one that sticks. He’s known for his crossbow and motorcycle and he kicks major tail. He shows humility when he does something wrong, and always accepts responsibility for his actions. I’m always walking on pins and needles with him though, because he can be careless.

4. Carol Peletier
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Carol is one of those characters who has grown on me and shown immense character development since the series started. In the past, she seemed like more of a filler character for me. My favorite Carol moment has to be, “Look at the flowers Lizzie.”. That was the moment Carol became a character to me. She did what she had to do to keep safe after being exiled from the group. She’s a bad-ass woman, and also a very caring character. I love to see her lose her cool, I love when she becomes Carol with a stone cold heart.

3. Rosita Espinosa
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I’m very aware I’m in the minority when I say I LOVE Rosita. I think she’s proven herself to be a strong character. Yeah, she’s a little whiny, and a little bit of girl sometimes. And sometimes she goes rogue and does what she wants despite how it could affect everyone else. But like Rick, she’s lost a lot. To me she’s proven that a “pretty girl” can make it, and be just as fierce as the rest of them. I feel like she gets underestimated and she in no way should be.

2. Maggie Greene
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Maggie is the girl. The character. She is strong, a leader, outspoken, and a soon to be a mother. Maggie is part of the backbone of The Walking Dead. She has stepped up considerably since she became a part of the show. She fell in love, got married, and is now pregnant. She’s lost everyone she loves, her father, mother, siblings, husband, and still yet she remains strong and presses forward. I have so much respect for this character.

1. Glenn Rhee
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Be still my heart. I’m still in mourning over the loss of my favorite character. He started out as a ex-pizza delivery guy and turned into Rick’s right hand man, Maggie’s husband, and the groups overall best friend. He took initiative, he cared deeply for everyone, and he had probably some of the most significant character growth of any character on the show. I’m sad that we won’t get to see him be a father to baby Gleggie. I don’t think I’ve ever liked a character on a show as much as I have Glenn, and if I have it’s a close race. RIP Glenn, we love you.


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