Review: Baby Driver

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“Your name’s baby? B-A-B-Y baby?”

Witty, thrilling, and undeniably cool. Ansel Elgort delivers a hell of a performance alongside Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Jamie Foxx, and Jon Hamm.

Baby is the most talented getaway driver there is, Doc is the crime boss that he works for. Doc never works with the same team twice, but Baby is his one and only lucky charm. Baby uses his music to steer him in the right direction on the road, and keep his foot on the gas pedal. Not only is he talented, he’s smart. He keeps his music on at all times, but he sees and hears everything. Baby completes his second to last drive for Doc and he is happy about being done with the life of a criminal. He meets a young waitress named Debora and the two become close, falling in love. After the final drive, which was a close one, Baby thinks he’s done with his time with Doc. But he’s wrong. Doc finds him and tells him that he’s only done when he says he is. Baby teams up with them once again, meeting up with three people he’s worked with before: Buddy, Darling, and Bats. Bats is unreliable and a little bit of a loose cannon. He doesn’t like Baby, and Baby doesn’t trust him. Buddy and Darling are married and just want to make out with some quick cash.

Baby decides he wants out, and he’ll do whatever he can to get out, even if that means making one last drive.

I watched this movie at two o’clock today, and when I say I wanted to buy a ticket for the immediate next showing, I’m not exaggerating. This was the best movie I have seen all year. And quite honestly one of the best movies I have ever seen in my entire life. That’s a very bold statement, I know, especially coming from a movie buff like me. It was really that good. I can’t even get over it. I have watched the trailer about ten times since it ended, and I already can’t wait to watch it again. The soundtrack was a ten out of ten. The cast was a fifteen out of ten. The entire movie deserves all of the awards.

Let’s talk about the all star cast. Ansel Elgort stars as the lead Baby and he gives the performance of a lifetime. I’ve always thought Ansel was a little bit of a hidden gem, and his performance as Baby proved I was correct. He showed up and delivered every single scene, every single line. I could write an entire review just on how perfect his performance was, but I don’t want to take away from the rest of the cast. Kevin Spacey was the ring leader Doc. He came off as a father figure to Baby, but the kind of father that you’re a little bit afraid of. The one you do what they want just because that’s easier than running away. He was charming, but a little terrifying as well. Jon Hamm was Buddy, who seemed like a friend to Baby at the beginning of the movie, but by the end had a flipped switch. Lily James played Baby’s love interest Debora. Their entire relationship was cute, sweet, and innocent, just like James’ character. Lily James is one of my favorite young actresses, and she delivered on that as well. Jamie Foxx played Bats, and his character’s name matched his personality. Unpredictable. This cast delivered, and half the reason the movie was so great was because of this cast. A plus from me!

The film itself was fun. It was a nonstop ride from minute one up until the last few seconds. It literally made my jaw drop a few times. It’s original, not predictable, and literally jaw-dropping. I laughed, I held my breath, I had sweaty palms, and most importantly, it made me want to drive my car really fast after.

All I have to say is take everyone you know to see this movie. Your mom, dad, brother, sister, significant other, best friend, even your worst enemy, they all deserve to see this masterpiece. I’m still reeling on the movie, the soundtrack, and Ansel Elgort himself. As Rotten Tomatoes rating says, it’s certified fresh.

Rating: 11 out of 10 (yes, 11 out of 10, its that good)
Trailer: Baby Driver


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