Review: The Names Of Dead Girls

The Names of Dead Girls By: Eric Rickstad Release Date: September 12, 2017 "Yes, this one was special because of who she was. Special because she was the daughter of that fuck who dared challenge him and press him, tried to trick and expose him. He started all of this. Frank Rath. He deserved it." … Continue reading Review: The Names Of Dead Girls


Review: Girls Trip

"This weekend is about us. We are here together. Today is the last day that we will ever be this young."   Grab your girls and a bucket of popcorn and run, not walk, to see this movie. It's a great time, and you'll feel closer after experiencing it together. Girls Trip is a movie … Continue reading Review: Girls Trip

Review: Wish Upon

"There have been others who've had the box. They, and everyone they love, all die."   I've tried to think of a good word to describe this movie. Unsettling is the best that I can come up with. Did I love it? No. Did I hate it? No. The movie centers around seventeen year old … Continue reading Review: Wish Upon


Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming

"Listen, I know school sucks. I know you want to save the world, but you're not ready yet. Stay close to the ground, and stay out of trouble. Forget the flying monster guy, there are people who handle this sort of thing." I've seen every version of Spider-Man there is to see. He's my favorite … Continue reading Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming


Top 10: Favorite Walking Dead Characters

If you don't know what The Walking Dead is, you must literally be living under a rock, or already be a part of the inevitable zombie apocalypse. This is a show that takes the world by storm and always has everyone talking. It is the highest rated show on television to date. If there's one … Continue reading Top 10: Favorite Walking Dead Characters


Review: Baby Driver

"Your name's baby? B-A-B-Y baby?" Witty, thrilling, and undeniably cool. Ansel Elgort delivers a hell of a performance alongside Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Jamie Foxx, and Jon Hamm. Baby is the most talented getaway driver there is, Doc is the crime boss that he works for. Doc never works with the same team twice, but … Continue reading Review: Baby Driver