Discussion: Who Killed Charlotte (PLL)

Hello fellow TV fans! I know, I am the worst at reviewing television shows. Unfortunately, my busy schedule at work doesn’t allow me to give quality reviews each week right now. I’ve decided to do discussions on important plots on TV shows I like! What better show to start with than my favorite, Pretty Little Liars! We only have two episodes left in the entire series, I know, I have tears too, but we still have so many questions left unanswered! The most important, obviously, being WHO IS AD?!?! I have my own theories on that that I will get into after tonight’s episode. But for now the big mystery is, Who killed Charlotte, CeCe Drake, Charles, whoever you are. Most people are pointing their big fingers at Mona, and while I can see how that could be a convincing argument, I have a few suspects of my own.

Let’s start the list shall we.

Image result for jenna marshall season 7
My first big main suspect is none other than resident bad girl, Jenna Marshall. I know what you’re all thinking, how could a blind girl hit someone they can’t see hard enough to kill them and push them off of a church bell tower? It seems like it’s unrealistic, BUT this is PLL we are talking about here. My first big clue is what Charlotte says in the promo. “Am I supposed to be afraid of you?” She says this with sarcasm like she has nothing to worry about. Why would you worry about a blind girl making her way up to the top of a bell tower threatening to kill you? You wouldn’t. Another clue I see in the promo is the hand on the railing. Black leather jacket. Jenna wears a lot of black. She could have her hand on the railing to help herself up off the ground after an altercation with Charlotte, or just to help her feel her way out of there. Plus, I’m sure that Jenna’s cane has something hard and metal on it that could have done the trick in killing Charlotte. I’m getting major Jenna feels, and though I’m probably wrong, I would love to see this play out.

Image result for melissa hastings season 6
Next up on the list, Melissa Hastings. They made it pretty obvious that they were pointing at Melissa for the death of Charlotte originally. The weapon used to kill Charlotte almost matched the handle on Melissa’s luggage to a T. Almost too perfectly. But, regardless, Melissa got the heck out of dodge eerily quick after the murder. Melissa also had reason to hate Charlotte. It was implied in a flashback between Melissa and Hanna that Charlotte called Wren and told him about Melissa’s involvement with Bethany Young’s murder, ultimately causing the end of her engagement. We all know Melissa is capable of murder or doing what she needs to. It wouldn’t surprise me if the golden child killed Charlotte. It even gives more of a compelling argument if we find out Melissa knew that Spencer was adopted and the sibling of Charlotte. Perhaps it was revenge on Charlotte for hurting Spencer? Who knows. Either way, Melissa has always been up to something.

Image result for spencer hastings season 7
Spencer? Twincer? There’s an insane theory, that I totally support, that Spencer has a twin that is AD, and that we’ve been seeing glimpses of Twincer throughout this final season. What if Twincer, if she’s really even a person, killed Charlotte? Perhaps Charlotte found out about Twincer and was going to tell the girls? If AD has been around since season 1, and Twincer has always been in charge of the game, the Charlotte would have to know about her. Maybe Twincer decided that Charlotte needed to be gone. Or, maybe Twincer stole Spencer’s old college paper, basically detailing exactly how Charlotte was murdered and used it in hopes of setting her twin up for murder. Creepy huh? Or, maybe Spencer actually did it herself.

Mona Vanderwaal. She’s been the main suspect on everyone’s tracker here lately and for good reason. She originally didn’t want Charlotte released, then changed her statement. Maybe she decided she wanted Charlotte free so she could get revenge for her for locking her up in the dollhouse. Mona is smarter than anyone gives her credit for. The girls have never accepted her as part of the group, no matter what. She could have decided that killing Charlotte was the ultimate way into the group. Kill Charlotte to avenge all the horror she put the girls through? If that doesn’t scream best friends I don’t know what does. She could have killed her simply because Charlotte “stole the game from her”. However, since Freeform released this as a promo photo, I don’t see it being Mona.

Aside from these four the only other people on my suspect list are Lucas, Ezra, and Aria. We’ll see how tonight plays out, but until then, drop me your comments and let me know your thoughts!



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