Review: It Comes At Night

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“I think they’re sick. You don’t get it. If they’re sick, then I am too.”


What would you do to keep your family safe? Would you risk your humanity and your morals?

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know that I love any movie that sets itself apart from the norm. This one did just that. I left the theater not knowing how I felt about it, and a week later, I’m still not one hundred percent sure.

Paul, Sarah, and Travis are a family who has secured themselves inside their own home in a remote area during what I assume is a virus outbreak that has taken over the world as we know it. Paul, being the leader of the house, keeps order within the home. Go out in groups of two. Always wear your masks and gloves when going out. Eat family meals together two times a day. Keep each other safe at all costs.

Travis is the son of the two and is curious about the world, he is a little bit careless, and hasn’t had a good nights sleep since his grandpa caught the virus and had to be killed to keep the rest of them safe. During the middle of the night one night, Paul and Sarah wake Travis up to tell him that there is someone in the house. Paul goes to investigate, while Sarah and Travis stay just beyond the other side of the locked door inside of the house. Paul comes face to face with the intruder, who he knocks out and ties up outside.

The three of them go back inside to get some more sleep, and the next morning they begin repairs on the house. Paul then goes to speak with the man, who’s name turns out to be Will. He said he had no idea that anyone was living in the house and that’s why he broke in, he said that he was looking for food and water for his wife and child. Paul is skeptical at first, but soon after discusses it with Sarah and Travis. They decide to get Will’s family and bring them back to give them shelter. After the family joins in with them, things get a little messy.

When I saw the previews for the movie originally, I assumed it was a post-apocalyptic world, but I never assumed virus outbreak. I’m still not totally sure that’s what it was, but from watching the movie that is what I feel has happened.

This movie is a little of a slow burn, but it works. It sets everything up and takes its time while doing so. You get a little bit of a story before anything too dramatic happens. The entire film has an eerie, unsettling feel to it. The longer the movie goes on, the more uncomfortable you’ll feel while watching it. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just imagine yourself in the position these people become immersed in.

As far as characters go, they were all written realistically. Paul is the head of his small family. He wants to do everything he can to keep them safe, and he proves that he will at all costs. Sarah is a strong female character who loves her family unconditionally, and who wants to see the best in people. I can say the same for Will as I did for Paul. However, for Will’s wife Kim, I cannot share thoughts that I felt about Sarah. I felt Kim was a little different. I didn’t trust her, and she honestly gave me no reason not to. Travis is played out to be somewhat of the narrator of the film. We see everything from his eyes. I felt as though what we saw, and things he said did not match up. It was almost a little like unreliable narration from him. I don’t think the things he said were always necessarily the truth. But, he’s just a kid at the same time.

Sitting here one week later, I cannot tell you that I loved the movie, but I can’t say I hated it. I think I did like it, it was not at all what I was expecting and that surprised me. I love things that are different. I love movies that make me sit in my seat for a few moments after the credits roll and the lights come on. And this one did just that. I would confidently say that it is worth anyone’s attention.


Rating: 7 out of 10
Trailer: It Comes At Night


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