McKay’s Haul

Every time I’m anywhere near a McKay’s (or any used bookstore really) I tend to buy entirely too many books. This weekend while bridesmaid dress shopping was no different. I found so many books that I thought I would LOVE. So, me being me, bought a ton of new books to add to my list to read! Check out what I bought below!

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest
Steig Larsson
I know you’re probably wondering how I’ve never read these books. Honestly I wonder this sometimes too. I have never watched the movie adaptation of the first book either, so I’m really out of the loop here. All I’ve heard are good things from the series though, so I’m excited to get started!

Dark Places
Gillian Flynn

I. Am. So. Excited. To. Read. This. We all know how much I love Gillian Flynn. I had been holding out on buying this book in hopes it would turn up at McKay’s and save me a few bucks, and I got lucky and found the hidden treasure this time. This will be the next book I read, no questions asked.

The Dollmaker
Mary Burton
This books follows the lives of Tessa McGowan and her estranged husband Dakota Sharp as they look for the haunting serial killer that kidnaps women and mutilates their bodies into looking like real life dolls. It has a killer rating everywhere I’ve looked, and while I’ve never read any of Burton’s other books, this one sounds like something that will hook me in. And, if so, she has a plethora of other books for me to sink my teeth into.

The Longings of Wayward Girls
Karen Brown

A novel about a young girl and her friend playing a prank of a neighborhood child who vanishes soon thereafter. Twenty years later, a boy from the neighborhood returns and secrets begin to resurface. Karen Brown is another author I’ve never read anything from. The book doesn’t have a promising rating, but I’m hoping it is still interesting enough to keep me intrigued until the end.

The Life We Bury
Allen Eskens
This was one of the many books on my amazon list for the year. It’s about a college student who must interview a stranger on their life and write a biography for a class. He chooses an elderly man in a nursing home who was in prison for murder and rape, and who also served in the Veitnam war. He also has battles of his own at home with his mother and younger brother. It has an outstanding rating, and I can’t wait to get started on it to see where it takes me.

Dark Road Home
Anna Carlisle
I know, you probably think I’m crazy because I only read books about murders/kidnappings/killers/cops. It’s not true I swear!!! I’ve just been on a psychological thriller kick lately and I can’t stop. It’s unintentional. This one is about a recent high school graduate’s sister going missing. She grows up, gets a job as a medical examiner, and twenty years after the fact, a body is discovered that could be her sisters. It says there are twists and turns, and I hope so. It leads me to believe it all points back to the family somehow, and I really hope so.

Where They Found Her
Kimberly McCreight
This story is told from the perspective of three women, Molly, Barbara, and Sandy. In a prestigious community in New Jersey, the body of an infant is found in the woods near the town’s university. Secrets and struggles of mother’s in the community all come out and it is revealed that the women have more in common than they realized. It’s a little different than what I normally read in some sense’s, but I like stories with differing points of view, so this could be interesting for me.

All Is Not Forgotten
Wendy Walker
This book is praised in every review I read, and even my mom, who never reads, said that she would read this one first. It is about a young girl who is assaulted at a party and given a drug to erase the attack from her memory. Her father struggles with wanting to find her assailant and her mother wants to pretend the attack never happened. Meanwhile, the girl struggles with the emotional trauma but not recollection of what happened to her. I don’t know who’s point of view I’ll be reading from yet, but this was another book on my amazon list. I hope it lives up to my expectations for it.

That is all for this Mckay’s haul. I cannot wait to get started on these. I have a few other books to crack down first, and then I’ll be sure to touch on these. As always, I’m ALWAYS looking for new books to read and books to get me out of my comfort zone so please tell me what you’re reading, or what some of your favorites are.


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