Trailer: IT (2017)

At 11:00 am central standard time, the official full length teaser trailer for the remake of Stephen King’s IT dropped. I sat in my office at my desk at work and hit refresh on my computer screen for three solid minutes waiting for the clock to strike 11:00. Partially in hopes that it would come out a few minutes early, partially because I was just so darn excited to finally see it. When 11:00 hit, I finally got to see what I had been waiting months for, and it did not disappoint.

We got to see glimpses of Derry, Georgie and his yellow raincoat, the bullies, the losers club, and my favorite part: Pennywise himself. We get our first glimpse of Pennywise at 40 seconds in. It’s the classic gutter scene where he first encounters Georgie. Let me tell you, part of me was a little worried, not that Bill Skarsgard couldn’t pull of the role, but just as remakes go in general, I always worry. The first look we get at him is terrifying, even without him speaking. We get a overhead view of Derry, which looks like the quaintest little town, somewhere you might want to raise your kids. At a glance that is. We see the losers club riding their bikes down the street. We see the bullies looking rather upset, probably because a member of their group, Patrick, has been missing. We see glimpses of what It turns into to scare each of them, the leper, the bloody sink, the black spot, the balloon.

My favorite moment comes from the end of the trailer when we meet up with Georgie again the basement of his house. Here we get a wonderful action shot of Pennywise coming up from a puddle of water.

The casting looks great. From the bullies to Georgie to every member of the losers club to Pennywise himself, it couldn’t have been better chosen. The entire film is a lower budgeted film and looks better than almost anything I could have hoped for.

And one of the best parts about the trailer? We get to hear the infamous: “You’ll float too” line.

All I can say is watch the teaser trailer below and get excited for the actual trailers to be released, and hope September gets here soon!!

Trailer: IT (2017)


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