Discussion: The Blair Witch

Hey guys! This is something new I want to try on the blog and we’ll see how it goes. Every movie fan loves a discussion group to talk theories, thoughts, and just digesting a movie and its gory details. So I wanted to throw out a discussion on The Blair Witch. Growing up, The Blair Witch Project scared my enough to where I didn’t want to go camping ANYTIME soon, but that was probably because I was six years old watching the movie. Nevertheless, it scared me and it started up the found footage film era, which I am thankful for.

Recently, I watched the Blair Witch(2016) sequel, remake, whatever you want to call it. While I thought the movie was terrible, and I hope no one expects a review because I honestly was not interested in it until about 56 minutes into it so I couldn’t tell you much about the beginning, I was intrigued by the ending. There are plenty of fan theories floating around out there and I’d like to digest a few of them I find interesting. We don’t technically know if any of them are true, but it’s fun to pretend that one of them might be right.

Lets start with the most popular fan theory.

Time Loop
Perhaps the most popular fan theory from both the original and this sequel would be the time loop theory. Theorists state that while in the forest, the Blair Witch has the ability to manipulate time and space. Meaning, what may feel like a couple of hours could be days, weeks, months, or even years. The most significant idea that this might be an accurate theory occurs in the 2016 sequel when two of the campers return to the rest of the group stating five days have passed while the rest of the group have only lost around half a day. From this point, the group experiences the forest in the dark. The witch manipulates not only time, but day and night as well.

Another significant part of the 2016 sequel that further proves this theory is the video at the beginning of the film. The video shows what James, Heather’s(from the 1999 film) brother, thinks to be is Heather herself still alive in the woods, BUT if you pay close attention at the end of the film you see Lisa, one of his companions walk in front of the same mirror that the film viewed at the beginning of the movie. They also look quite similar. Fans think that the witch manipulated time so that the group actually is viewing the future, what has already actually happened to them. Makes sense, right?

An even crazier fan theory is that James, Lisa, and the rest of their group are actually in the woods at the same time as Heather, Josh, and Mike. While this one seems far-fetched at least to me, I’ve read some pretty interesting fan theories with quite a bit of information to back it up. An even more interesting branch to this theory is that both groups are actually in the same time period, but even more crazy, that they are in the same time period as Elly Kedward or  Rustin Parr. If you don’t know who they are, I can give you a quick rundown. Elly Kedward was explained to be a woman who was accused of being a witch in the 1940’s, she was strung up and had rocks tied to her limbs from a tree, when the townspeople returned later to find her she was gone. She isn’t the Blair Witch herself, but some say she was manipluated by the Blair Witch. Same with Rustin Parr, he was a child serial killer who said he was manipulated by the Blair Witch herself. The house at the end of the movie is his house. But, if it had really been all of those years since it was built, why isn’t it rundown? In case, the theory that the time in the forest isn’t the same time as the real world.

It all really makes sense, you can google and read so many interesting fan theories on this, and even read interviews from Simon Barrett on it.

So, this is another one of the theories floating around out there. There’s not as much on this one as there is on the time warp, but I still find it interesting. When I watched the 2016 sequel I had a slight thought that maybe aliens were behind the mysterious Blair Witch. Why? Well I really have one specific reason. At the end of the movie when Lisa and James are in the attic, there are flashes of light outside, similar to what you see in every alien movie ever when there’s a UFO or an alien nearby.

Bear with me, I know there’s absolutely hardly any evidence to support this theory except for some weird flashing lights. But it could be. Let me tell you why. Another theory I read pointed back to the first movie. Remember when the campers awoke to find blue slime on their back packs? What is one thing that could have caused that? I’d say an alien. Another piece of evidence that could point to aliens is also the missing time. Every alien abduction story ever told always has the victims talking about lost time. Think about it, some of the group thinks five days have went by, while the rest of the group feels like mere hours have past. Lost time is a pivotal part of any alien abduction story.  There’s also pointing out the weird creatures roaming around the forest that we hardly get a glimpse of, and let’s not talk about the creature at the end of the movie. I could see it all being an alien story.

While I love the thought of the alien concept, it makes it ten times less scary to me. I think the thought of some sort of evil entity being present in the woods that controls time and space is much more terrifying than a little green guy coming to get me, or in this case tall, white creatures.

Okay, this one is really just for my amusement and there’s absolutely ZERO proof to back this up. Some fans have said that the witch could be Slenderman. They think the tall creature at the end of the sequel could be him. But I don’t really see that.

Some parts of the theory make sense, such as the forest seemingly “manipulating” whoever is in it. Every Slenderman story ever made starts out with someone being in the forest and seeing the entity. Rustin Parr said the Blair Witch made him kill the children, but what if the Blair Witch is really Slenderman? People pledge to follow him all the time and every time someone gets hurt, they must kill to sacrifice to him. What if he can manipulate the people in the forest to kill in order to get more power. It’s an interesting thought, but I don’t think this is our winner here.

There are plenty more theories floating around out there in cyberspace, but these three have been my favorites to read about. I have to say, the Time Loop/ Time Warp theory makes the most sense, and it does have the most evidence to support it. Simon Barrett, writer of the 2016 sequel, seems to support this theory the most as well. Please, do your research or just give me your theories if you’ve seen the movies! I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts!

Happy watching!


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