Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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“Look at her, what if she’s the one? The one who will break the spell?”

Be right back, still crying at how absolutely PERFECT this movie was.

Growing up, I was a really big Disney fan, as were most kids. I never found myself wanting to be like Cinderella or Snow White, though. I always wanted to be Belle. Back then, I think it was more of the case that she was my sisters favorite Disney princess, but as an adult I know there’s so much more to it than that. Whenever I heard that they were making a live action version of one of my favorite animated films I was more excited than I should have been. Then, I heard Emma Watson was playing Belle and everything else disappeared. What a perfect casting choice for a childhood idol.

We don’t need to discuss the plot to this story, because if you haven’t seen the original Disney film you need to stop right now before you even think about reading my thoughts on this and go watch it. I can’t fathom why anyone wouldn’t have seen the original, but stranger things have happened. The remake of this classic Disney film was perfect in more ways than one. The cast was phenomenal, from the extras to the main cast, nothing could have been better picked. The sets and the visuals were beautiful. The story was unchanged, and was truly a tale as old as time. And that singing! It was all I could do to contain myself and not sing the classic songs out loud in the theater.

Emma Watson brought life to the most inspirational Disney princess there is, and she did it beautifully. Her charm and charisma as the bookish Belle were perfect. Belle is described as odd and different from the townspeople in her village because she likes to read, and enjoys different things from the rest of the women in her village. She isn’t after a man to marry, doesn’t look to marry into money, she wants to live a simple life full of adventure. Unfortunately for her the most eligible bachelor in town, Gatson, wants her hand in marriage. Luke Evans brought so much more to the table than anyone could have expected. I have never seen a character more perfectly cast as Evans is as Gaston. He’s arrogant, crude, and a little bit of a creep if we’re being completely honest. Luke Evans brought life to this character in such a way that you can hardly see a difference between the counterparts. Luke Evans ACTUALLY looks a lot like animated Gaston. It’s uncanny. Dan Stevens took on one of the most difficult roles as well playing the Prince turned Beast. Most people have a soft spot in their heart for this character, with good reason. He’s misunderstood and a little mean, but he turns out to have a heart of gold.  The movie also stars Josh Gad as Le Fou. This could possibly be the best performance from the entire movie. He’s Gaston’s faithful sidekick, and admires him to the ends of the Earth. The rest of the cast gives a solid performance as well. Kevin Kline, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Emma Thompson, Ian McKellan–the list really goes on and on.

I fangirled so hard at the soundtrack. From the first song they played, “Belle”, to the last scene where they sang “Tale As Old As Time” I was lit up with emotions. I was crying and laughing and smiling. I have been singing the songs all day. Who knew Emma Watson had such a spectacular voice?! I love a musical any way and they did such justice to the original songs. The little girl inside of me was full of emotions. I think I enjoyed it more than anyone else that was there, young or old. My poor roommate is going to have to listen to me sing the songs for weeks on end now.

One thing I loved the most about this remake is that not much was changed from the original. They didn’t try to make it fit in to what society deems appropriate in today’s times. They kept the original story intact and just gave it a breath of fresh air. One of my favorite lessons from this story is that beauty is only skin deep. The thought that Belle should marry the handsome Gatson and fall in love with him is what society expects, but she falls in love with the Beast instead. Outward appearances don’t matter when your heart is ugly. It’s my favorite lesson in a Disney movie.

I can’t give enough praise for this film. I had the songs stuck in my head all night, I stayed up smiling for long after what should have been my bedtime, I’ve gushed about it all day today at work. I can’t wait to see it with my sister since she’s a bigger B&B fan than I am. I haven’t heard anything negative about this film from anyone who’s seen it. And for those people who aren’t seeing it because of specific scenes in the movie, that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. You will miss out on a masterpiece due to your ego.

Do everyone in your family a favor and go see this movie. Take your little girls and teach them that being different and smart is good. Teach them to look at someone from the inside out, not the other way around. Teach your little boys that being cruel is not okay, and that being someone that cares is more important. And to all the parents, it’s something you can enjoy as well.

Rating: 8 out of 10
Trailer: Beauty and the Beast


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