Review: Get Out

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“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Let’s talk about the best movie of 2017 for a little bit. No, seriously, this will be the number one movie of 2017 no doubt. It’s already earned a number 1 spot on my top 10 list of 2017, and its only March. Jordan Peele is a genius. This movie is genius and it deserves all of the awards and praise.

Most people are chalking this up as a movie about racism, but don’t let that deter you from seeing it(if you’re that kind of person that is). From the beginning of the movie right up until the final moments, I was sitting, quite literally, on the edge of my seat. It will be a movie that will not only entertain you, but make you think as well. It’s got a lot of a Stepford Wives feel, and a little bit of an old school horror flick feel. So basically, it is awesome.

Let’s start out with a little bit of the story of the movie. Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and Rose (Allison Williams) have been dating for a while and it’s the point in time in their relationship where it’s finally time to meet the parents. He’s concerned that they don’t know of the interracial relationship and she brings him comfort in letting him know they won’t care, and that her dad loved Obama. On the drive down, we meet Rod (LilRel Howery). He’s a good friend of Chris’ and provides ALL of the comic relief in this movie, trust me. Comedic genius. The racism plot starts out very early in the film, as Chris and Rose are involved in a small car accident when a deer runs out in front of Rose as she’s driving. The police officer on duty proceeds to try to see Chris’ ID even though he wasn’t driving, which Rose is NOT happy about.

Soon enough, we meet Rose’s parents, Missy and Dean. Missy (Catherine Keener) is automatically creepy to me, while Dean (Bradley Whitford) seems like a welcoming father. We meet the housekeepers, Georgina and Walter as well, both African-American’s, which makes Chris uncomfortable, but he understands a little more when Dean informs him they’re part of the family. They live with them and choose to work. Weird? Weird. And if it wasn’t weird just for that simple fact, their actions are definitely weird. The last member of the clan that we meet is Jeremy, Rose’s older, and very strange, brother. He makes it very clear he doesn’t like Chris from very early on in the movie.

We learn that Missy is a therapist and that she can cure almost any ailment, including smoking which Chris has a problem with. On the first night of staying, Chris decides to go out for a smoke and meets Missy, who hypnotizes him, but he wakes up with hardly memory and chalks it up to a dream, but he also has no desire for a cigarette anymore. Rose assures him that she will talk to her mom.  Things can only go down hill from this point. The Armitage’s throw a fancy party and everyone seems really interested in getting to know the guest of honor, Chris. Chris feels uncomfortable and rightfully so, all of the guests are asking him very racial questions, and even I felt a little uncomfortable at this point. That is until he meets another young African-American, who seems a little off. Upon taking a picture of him to send to Rod, the flash goes off and startles the young man who tries to attach Chris. In that moment Chris feels like he knows him.

And this my friends, is where the important details I can’t tell you come into play. I want to discuss the movie in its entirety, but I don’t want to spoil a magnificent ending for anyone. I haven’t been as excited about a movie, before and after seeing it, as I have this one in a really long time. The moments leading up the end will have you not wanting to blink, there’s a slight twist which most people will see coming, but some may not. Either way, it was satisfying.

Let’s talk about how this was Jordan Peele’s directing debut! I cannot believe we have not seen more from him before this. He’s a creative genius, and now that I know he has four more movies in the works I cannot wait. I will be supporting him until the end of my life. Perhaps one of the best directed movies I have ever seen. I love the fact he teamed up with Jason Blum, as we all know is another one of my favorites. From the cinematography to the story to the actors he chose and the blunt focus on racism, it was all perfect. He wrote a story that people need to see, and one that will frighten you honestly. Hand claps for Peele! He deserves it, and if he doesn’t get nominated and WIN some sort of award for this movie, we’ll all know it’s rigged.

The actors he chose for the characters couldn’t have been better chosen. From Allison Williams as the perfect daughter, to Bradley Whitford as the caring father, to LilRel Howery as the comedic relief and awesome best friend, to our main character Daniel Kaluuya, it was all perfect. Guys, I’m seriously writing this review still reeling on this movie and I watched it Sunday!

The scene where Missy hypnotizes Chris made me the most uncomfortable. The “sunken place” that you’ll see in the movie is a terrifying concept. It’s basically a black hole of void, and to be stuck in a place like that, or even THINK you were in a place like that is honestly the most terrifying thought in the world. She makes him relive a tragic moment in his life and gets in his head, and I couldn’t decide if I was traumatized for him or terrified. A mix of both emotions definitely.

I’m telling you right now, this will be the movie I put at the top of any top 10 list I do for the 2017. Quote me on it now, this will be THE movie to compete with now, and maybe for years to come. Pay $10 to see this movie, pay $25 to see this movie. Whatever it is, do it. You need to see this movie, because everyone is going to be talking about it for a while now.

Rating: 10 out of 10
Trailer: Get Out


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