Review: How To Get Away With Murder 3-10

Season 3, Episode 10
We’re Bad People

Do NOT go any further if you have not watched this episode, or do not want to know what happened.

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Let me start out by saying, I’m still a little hurt from the mid season finale. I still feel betrayed. I still feel shocked. And most of all, I still miss Wes. He stole my heart from the first episode, and when I thought he was safe from the flashback they showed us, I rejoiced. Never in my life have I felt so betrayed by a television series. I screamed so loud when they revealed he was dead that my neighbors heard me. *Cue Annalise screaming in the street*. I was more than thrilled to learn that we wouldn’t completely be losing Alfred Enoch as a cast member so quickly, and excited to find out exactly what happened to Wes in the moments leading up to his untimely, unfortunate death.

When the episode starts out we get to see a flashback of Wes and Annalise. We see a still alive Wes and Meggy playing soccer on campus, looking very happy. The ball rolls over to Annalise and the two have a small conversation, and I forgot how much I actually kind of liked their toxic relationship. I honestly think Annalise only wanted what was best for Wes. Unfortunatly for Annalise, this is just a memory and she is getting sent to the county jail. We get to see Annalise getting prepped for jail, and all the while they switch back and forth showing the autopsy of Wes’ body. They make sure to show us the note on cause death which is labeled “homicide”.

Bonnie goes to visit Laurel, to see what she saw the night of the fire. Laurel tells her explicitly that Frank did it. And she tells her that she is going to tell the police it was him. Bonnie instructs her that in doing so, she puts everyone at risk. Grieving and angry, Laurel tells her to leave or she tells everything. Upon leaving the room, the rest of the group ask if they can go see Laurel and ask how she is. Bonnie tells them that now isn’t a good time, and they should all come back later when she’s had more time to rest. Oliver decides to go home, alone to Connor’s dismay.

Bonnie goes to visit Frank to question him. If we’re being completely fair, we all suspected Frank at some point. Wes was seeing the girl he loved, he practically walked in on them doing the deed, and Laurel admitted to Frank that she loved Wes. Now, Frank also knows that Laurel is pregnant. Frank denies everything to Bonnie, and of course little naive Bonnie believes him. Next, Bonnie makes a visit to Annalise. She tells her that she is working on getting her the best attorney, but Annalise surprises Bonnie and tells her that she has to do the job. She says anyone else being on the case puts them at risk because they were all ‘under attack’ at this point.

Little did I know going into this episode that I would be in tears at the flashbacks of Wes and the group. They give us a little bit of a flashback for each of them. Our next flashback is of Wes and Laurel in a bathtub (hello Wes). They’re discussing whether or not their condom broke,  and honestly, the whole scene is just kind of cute. I was pulling for Wes and Laurel for so long, and they finally got together, only to be torn apart. Our ever so cute couple is interrupted by reality: the police are there to question Laurel. She tells them she doesn’t remember much, but she knows that Annalise didn’t do it.

We should have known Nate would get in trouble for visiting Annalise in the finale. He told her information that she should not have known, and his jealous bed buddy told their boss. When his job is threatened, he informs the man that he and the DA are sleeping together, and if he’s fired then he will sue for sexual harassment. I’ve never been a Nate fan, but that was a definite win for him. Now he’s safe, and he walks out like he owns the building. Still wish you would have been the one under the sheet though, man.

Our next flashback goes to none other than Asher. His flashback starts out with him explaining to a girl that looks like Michaela that he only grabbed her butt because she looked like his girlfriend. As he continues to dig himself deeper and deeper into a hole, Wes walks by and defends his honor. The two share a moment, and we’re back in the present where Connor goes to visit Oliver. Oliver tries to get Connor to tell him about the night Sam died, and Connor is about to tell him when Oliver changes his mind. he turns the topic to how Annalise had him wipe her phone clean the night of the fire, but he saved the files.

Bonnie arranges to meet Nate to find out more information, and the conversation does not go well. Nate tells her never to talk to him again. Have no fear. Frank will get them the information they need. How is he so shady? Bonnie lies to Annalise about Frank helping when she goes to visit her in jail. And let me say, jail is NOT going so good for Annalise.

The rest of the group finally gets to visit Laurel in the hospital. The entire visit is awful. Connor tells the group that Annalise had Oliver wipe her phone and maybe she did do it. Asher then prompts Connor with a question, “how do we know it wasn’t you”. Connor and Asher continue to lash out at each other and finally Laurel confesses that the baby is Wes’. FINALLY, I was so happy to learn that Frank was not the father. Connor then tells Laurel she should just get rid of it, because wait-list wasn’t the kind of father she wanted for the baby, which prompts an all out fist fight between Asher and Connor. Well, more like Asher beating the crap out of Connor. A side to Asher we haven’t seen before.

Connor is the next flashback. Wes is on campus studying when Connor walks up and they have a conversation about dating. I can honestly say I don’t really remember much about this scene, mainly because I think I’m still mad about the things Connor said. Flash to the present we see Annalise in jail again. Still struggling. The files that Frank got show that Annalise’s sister-in-law, Hannah, had placed a call to the cops the night of the fire. Is she our anonymous source? The bail hearing for Annalise goes badly, and she is denied bail, leaving Bonnie feeling like a failure.

Michaela has the next flashback, she sees Wes shopping for jewelry and assumes it’s for Meggy, but Wes tells her its for Laurel. It turns out Michaela has known about their relationship far longer than we thought anyone had.

Connor visits Oliver again and tells him to go to the police, but Oliver doesn’t want to put Connor at risk. Connor tells him he was sleeping with his rebound, but Oliver still wants to protect him. THIS is a toxic relationship for both of them.

We also learn after the bail hearing that the autopsy results show that Wes died from smoke inhalation. BUT WAIT JUST A SECOND. Remember the first of the episode on the report it said HOMICIDE. So who paid off the medical examiner and why? Frank goes to visit Laurel and in a heartbreaking scene, she tells him it should have been him. He should have been the one to die. She tells him she blames him for Wes’ death. We also learn she saw someone run from the basement of the house the night of the fire, and he denies it to be him. Moments later, Frank is at the police station. Guess what? He confesses to murdering Wes. For our final flashback of the night, we see Wes walking out of the police station and around the corner. We see Frank stop and tell him to get in the car, and he does. The last thing they show us is the car driving off.

My real question here is, DID FRANK REALLY DO IT?! That seems too easy. I feel like Laurel’s comments pushed him into the confession, and we all know he would do anything to protect Annalise. I’m excited to see where the rest of the season goes, and more excited to see who exactly killed our favorite law student.

Promo: Season 3, Episode 11


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