Review: Grey’s Anatomy 13-10

Season 13, Episode 10
You Can Look (But You’d Better Not Touch)

Do NOT go any further if you have not watched this episode, or do not want to know what happened.

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When I say I always expect a lot from season premiere’s, season finales, mid season premiere’s, and mid season finale’s–I mean I expect a lot. Grey’s Anatomy left us of a cliffhanger of epic proportions. Alex was about to turn himself into the DA and take a plea bargain on his assault charges. Right as he is about to go in, he gets a voicemail from Meredith explaining that she won’t be okay without him, she needs him to stay with her beacuse they are the only two left. The episode ended leaving us not knowing if Alex took the plea, or if he left and decided to try his luck in court.

This episode featured only three of the main cast members: Arizona, Miranda, and Jo. The three ladies are seen driving to a maximum security hospital for incarcerated women. On the way, Arizona and Miranda try to get Jo to talk about Alex and how she is feeling. She doesn’t want to talk about it and tells them whatever happens during the trial will happen.

When they arrive at the hospital, Miranda is clearly uncomfortable being there. She keeps making comments about how she would never put herself in the position to end up in prison, and never do anything to jeopardize her career. Jo seems to be offended by this, clearly because she’s in love with Alex and she had a rough childhood, and says that no one intends to end up in jail. Upon getting their visitor passes and meeting with the lawyer of the patient they are going to see, Miranda is frantic again, worrying that a woman who murdered someone will take a her badge, switch places with her, and she will be stuck on the inside forever because who would believe that kind of person. This whole scene was honestly a little amusing, watching Miranda have a small freak out was fun. But why is she so uncomfortable being there?

The patient that they are going to see is a pregnant 16-year old, high security prisoner who is serving 20 to life. Still curious as to what a 16 year old did to get 20 to life, but i’m not asking any questions, and they didn’t care to tell us. The patient proves to be a complete crazy person, and breaks the prison doctor’s fingers because she wouldn’t give her another pregnancy snack….? Girl needs a Snickers if you ask me.  We learn that the young woman’s mother is going to adopt the baby after it is born and bring it by to see her on visits so they can get to know each other. When we actually meet the mother we realize that she is not as peachy as the young woman made her out to be. The mother’s plan is to take the baby and never bring her by to see her real mother, this upsets Arizona and she tells Miranda and Jo, who bonded with the girl over the bad decisions they’ve made in their lives. Miranda has a moment of clarity when she talks to the woman prison doctor and realizes that they don’t have the resources that they need. She puts her judgement to the side.

Of course, the girl goes into labor early and they have to deliver the baby, because there hasn’t been enough drama yet. It is all very sad because Jo spills the beans that her mother won’t be there, and that she has to do this on her own. Miranda grabs her hand and tells her that she isn’t alone, that they’re there for her. She delivers the baby, and names it Ellie. Her mother gets the baby, changes its name to Hannah, and Arizona prompts her with a question, “If this one messes up will you abandon her too?” and walks away.

The ladies are in the car traveling back, and Miranda reaches back and touches Jo’s leg to tell her about the decision Alex has made. Jo doesn’t want to hear it, she keeps telling Miranda she doesn’t want to be right, she just wants one thing to be good, and tells her to stop talking. Arizona, however, reaches out to Miranda and tells her to say it.Miranda tells them that Alex went to the DA to take a plea bargain, turns out this episode picks up only moments after the mid season finale, as Miranda tells them he went last night. Jo makes Arizona pull over because she is going to be sick (honestly, I would be okay if they’re trying to write in a Jo/Alex baby). When she enters the car, she tells them to just go, she doesn’t want to talk about it. And that my friends, is our episode.

I wish that we had gotten to see the other characters as well, or that they had at least touched more on the Alex situation. I feel like this episode would have been better off later down the road, and they should have came back in with more of a bang. But, by the looks of the promo, it seems like the rest of the season could be a wild ride.

Until next week my friends!
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