Top 10: Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Top 10 Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Harry Potter has been a revolving door of magic in my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up with the books and the movies, and I have been the craziest fanatic ever since. Though the story was wonderful, JK Rowling gave us some of the best characters ever written in literature. They all teach some sort of life lesson and everyone has their favorites. Below are my top 10 favorites!

Cedric Diggory
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I know we don’t get to see as much of Cedric as we would have liked to in the films, but what we did get, I loved. I mourned his death in the books for days. I remember sitting in a small restaurant in my hometown reading the part where he died. I was in uncontrollable tears the entire time, and the movie was not much better. An example of a character who wasn’t meant to die, and didn’t deserve it. Plus, being a fellow Hufflepuff, it stung a little bit more. Long live Cedric Diggory.

Sirius Black
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A misunderstood, beautifully written character. I was unsure of my feelings towards Sirius when he was first introduced to us in book three. I wasn’t sure if he was a good guy, if he was a bad guy, or somewhere in between. My love for him grew as the books went on. He was true to himself, and would do anything to protect those around him. His love for Harry was undeniable, and his death broke my heart.

Harry Potter
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I know what everyone is thinking: you mean Harry isn’t your favorite!? No. He’s not. He’s not my least favorite, and honestly one of the biggest reasons he makes the list is because of his importance to the story, and because I do really think he was a character with a lot of heart. He didn’t have it easy, and he was kept alive to just be killed in the end. But, of course Harry lives. I love how he overcomes obstacles in his life, and I admire his willingness to protect those he loves at all costs. It’s admirable.

The Weasley Family(Minus Ron)
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The Weasley’s can only be grouped as one character on my list because if not, they would make up the majority. I want to be a part of this family. They’re dysfunctional, they’re fun, they love each other, and most of all they are always there for each other. Molly is the kind of mother I want to be. She welcomed Harry in with open arms to get him away from the horrible people he lived with. She treated Hermoine as her own. And we can’t forget her fight with Bellatrix at the Battle of Hogwarts. Arthur was goofy, and a little off topic, but like Molly he was a wonderful parent and always did what was best for his family. Book Ginny was better than movie Ginny, by a long shot, but Bonnie Wright gave a pretty good Ginny to us. She wasn’t my favorite in the first couple of books, but she grew into an inspiring young woman, and managed to snag Harry. The twins–what can you say about them? There aren’t words. Losing Fred broke my heart. Percy, Charlie, and Bill may not have had a huge part in the series, but they were a part of the greatest family in the series, so they win too.

Bellatrix Lestrange
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She’s bad. So bad, I know. All I can say are three words: Helena Bonham Carter. I imagined her as Bellatrix before she was even Bellatrix. They couldn’t have gotten a more perfect actress to play her. Bellatrix is Voldemort’s right hand woman, and she is terrible. She’s mean, she’s nasty, she has no remorse. But she’s so bad, and so good at being bad, that I can’t help but like her, against my better judgement.

Ron Weasley
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No, I didn’t leave Ron out of the Weasley grouping because I don’t like him. Quite the contrary. I love him. As a kid growing up and as a teenager, he was the character I had a crush on. Not Harry. He is goofy, kind of weird, and really just wants to achieve great things. Rupert Grint is Ronald Weasley. I can no longer see him as anything other than him. He was the sidekick to one of the most famous wizards in the world, and he honestly loved his friend for who he was, not what he was. He gets the girl in the end and it warms my heart to this day.

Minerva McGonagall
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I don’t know if i love her so much because she’s so bad-a, or if I love or because she can turn into a cat. She was my favorite Hogwarts professor from the beginning. She didn’t turn the other cheek when someone did something wrong, and she awarded students when they did something right. Seeing her transform into the character she was by the last film was magical. Watching her stand up to Snape and become the new Headmaster was fulfilling, and no one deserved it more.

Draco Malfoy
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Because everyone loves a misunderstood bad boy right? I can’t even say that he was a character that I loved to hate, I just loved him. He was a snake in the grass and proud of who he was. Getting to see him progress from the snively little Slytherin boy into a young man who questioned who he was and what he was doing was magnificent. He didn’t agree with his family, and he didn’t want to be a bad guy. Seeing this transformation on screen was a job well-done. And getting to see his family walk away from the darkness at the end was satisfying. I don’t think I will ever get over how much I love Draco.

Severus Snape
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By far the most misunderstood character ever written, Snape did everything he had to, and he did it well. His love for Lily was undeniable, and one of the most beloved quotes from the series came from him. He had to make a promise to kill Dumbledore to protect Draco, he made the unbreakable vow, he gave himself a reputation for being a dark wizard, and really all along he was just trying to do the right thing. Harry finally seeing his memories after his death completed his character arc, and I was so glad Harry finally realized what a great wizard and person he truly was. “Always.”

Hermoine Granger
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I could honestly probably write a book on how much I love Hermoine Granger. She is who I wanted to be like growing up. She was smart and not afraid to show it. She stood up for what she believed in. And like all of us, she had feelings for someone and wasn’t afraid to show it. She started out as an annoying know-it-all with bad hair, and transformed into a loyal, loving friend who always knew what to do. Without Hermoine, I like to think that Harry wouldn’t have made it as far as he did. She had wit and charisma, she had passion, ambition, and love. She put those she loved above her, and proved that most true when she wiped her parents memory of her completely to protect them. She is such a good role model for young women, and I’m so glad she was mine.

Sound off and let me know who your favorites are! Keep your wands high, wizards.


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